Friday, October 24, 2014

AUSTRALIA PERTH 2014: KLIA 2 Airport, Hillary's Harbour & Mia Cucina Italian Restaurant

First time at the new KLIA2 airport and I am super impressed :-D bag drop in 3 minutes and breezed through customs with ample time to eat breakfast and check out the shops at the new airport :-D

The nasi lemak on AirAsia isn't as tasty as it used to be. Sambal is more spicier too! But not you can opt for sets which comes with mineral water, a packet of juice and slice of (dry) chocolate cake together with you main meal

Somewhere over the rainbow,

Blue birds fly,

Birds fly over the rainbow,
Why then oh why, can't I?
Pretty clouds that looks like sheeps

Loads of industrial factories
Influencing my 11-year-old cousin with Leopard prints
Strawberry season!
Very big strawberries but a bit on the sour side unlike Korean strawberries which are sweet
Presents from my mum :-D
After resting for a bit after having some airplane fatigue, we headed to Hillary's for dinner
Love all these personalized number plates!!! I want one that says Diva :-D

Love this picture and the beautiful gradient sky

Clear waters!!!
There's a lot of bars, pub, restaurants and fast food eatery at Hillary's. Pretty packed considering it was a Saturday.

Le familia

Le girls

Thank god the weather was still cold enough for me to wear my Leopard print coat :-D Happy happy joy joy!!!
Teaching them the meaning of selfies

Had dinner at a Italian restaurant nearby called Mia Cucina

My glass of Riesling $9

This "Children's sized" pizza was pretty big!!!
BBQ Chicken. Mozzarella cheese with tender chicken pieces & BBQ sauce $12.50
Pepperoni $12.50: Mozzarella cheese with mild Italian sausage

Di Carne $25: Cacciatore sausage, shaved ham & bacon, with fresh tomato, red onion & mozzarella cheese all topped with freshly sliced premium prosciutto. Slightly on the salty side if you like salty meat.

Lamb Shank. This dish was highly recommended but it was just so-so...

SPAGHETTI al NERO CON VONGOLE $28: A duo of fresh squid ink & white spaghetti sautéed with juicy local clams, A touch of garlic & chilli, fresh diced tomato in a delicious white wine sauce. Also just so-so...

GARDEN SALAD: Crisp garden salad $10

ARANCINI $17 Traditional Italian risotto balls filled withseasoned Italian pork mince, prime beef, mozzarella cheese, peas & then coated with golden breadcrumbs, shallow fried & served with a crisp salad. This one was interesting. First time trying this deep friend risotto rice ball dish :-D

Premium scoop ice-cream $3

VERDICT: Interestingly, my friends recommended a lot of Italian restaurants to visit in Perth like Little Caesar and Ciao Italia so I assume that there's a pretty big Italian community in Perth. However, the food at Mia Cucina which means My Kitchen in Italian wasn't up to (my high) standards. Eating out in Perth is really expensive so it burns a really big hole in the pocket! Trust me, you can get better Italian food in Malaysia.

Mia Cucina
1/45 Northside Drive
Hillarys WA 6025
Contact Details
Phone (08) 9448 1753
Fax (08) 9447 2178
Opening Times
Monday Closed (Except Monday Public Holidays)

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday
Lunch and Dinner

8.30am to late Breakfast
Lunch and Dinner

8.30am to late Breakfast
Lunch and Dinner


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