Friday, October 24, 2014

AUSTRALIA PERTH 2014: Road Trip to Margaret River, Busselton Jetty, Margaret River Chocolate Factory, Mammoth Cafe, Mexican Dinner & Stay at Quality Inn

Rise and shine and up early to our first destination, the Busselton Jetty :-D

Skies so blue and grass so green. Things that you'll never get in Malaysia...

Lol! My aunty purposely photobombed me :-P

Took the train as the Jetty was 2 km long!!!

People fishing along the jetty

You would need to make prior booking online if you are interested to visit the underwater observatory

We didn't want to waste time waiting for the train to take us back so we decided to walk the whole 2km

People who have died on/near the jetty or have had their ashes strewn at the sea here...

There's all these needle looking metal thingamajigs on the lamppost so that birds do not land and nest there
seagull nesting area

We headed to The Goose for lunch


Pork Belly


Thai Salad
Beef Burger

A family of china tourist all on their phone
We headed towards margaret river after lunch
So sad :-( the only time we saw a Kangaroo was a dead Kangaroo and her baby Joey at the road side :-(

First stop at Margaret river was the Chocolate Factory

Yay! Free samples :-D

Next up was the Mammoth Cave

Each of us are given this head phones and player as it is a "digital" guided tour

As you can see on my face. The weather gave me really bad breakouts! :-( Same happened when I was living in New Zealand...though I never really had clear skin but somehow cold/chilly weather gives me very bad clogged pores...

Finally, we arrived at our hotel for the night :-D

Right opposite our hotel-Quality Inn were all these super duper cute horses!!!!!
They were super friendly too!

For dinner, initially we wanted to have indian, but it was closed...
Then we decided to have Mexican instead...Great Choice!!! as the food here were delicious :-)

Deep fried jalapeño

Children sized Nachos



Spicy Mussels

Cross-stich cactus plant...:-D

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