Saturday, October 25, 2014

AUSTRALIA PERTH 2014: Shopping in the City, Ciao Italia & Dome (coffeehouse)

Finally!!! The next day, we headed back to civilization!!! You cannot imagine how suffering it was to not has Wifi access for so many days!!! Almost Sometimes traveling makes us realize how much we miss and love home and CHEAP INTERNET :-D

The first stop back at Perth CBD is Corica Bakery in Northbridge...
If there is ONE thing that is great about my 1st boyfriend is the fact that he has "enlightened" me with a lot of food knowledge. Through him, I was introduced to the BEST apple strudel in Klang Valley and I remember him telling me about how the recipe was bought from this bakery in Perth!
I had to try it myself to compare!!!
Somehow or rather, the ones in Malaysia (from this bakery called Fruity) still taste better
My uncle dropped me in town as I was meeting a friend later

So I decided to have Pepper Lunch for lunch...surprisingly it's my first time having pepper lunch ever!!!

In a lot of western countries, there are support groups or awareness campaigns to inform people about disorders such as anxieties, over-eating, Asian culture however, we are taught to HARDEN UP! 

There is nothing much to see or shop in the city and things are pretty pricy...Perth also just opened it's FIRST Zara and Topshop outlet! <<< Say what? Yes, Perth is pretty backward :-S
Took a cab to Ciao Italia as I was meeting my friend Viviann for dinner

Meet Viviann, Miss Malaysia Earth-Air 2013!!! 
This pretty lil girl is only 19 years old! OMG!!!
Yes, yes...I'm very close to my expiry already...FML!!!

We shared a super big portion of Pasta and Pizza

And this is the LEGENDARY tiramisu in the entire Perth...
Unfortunately, too much hype...was so-so only...Viviann who is from Ipoh said that the ones found in Indulgences cafe in Ipoh taste similar...
While waiting for our bus home :-D

I was quite excited as it was my first time taking the public transport in Australia :-D
Perth airport is under renovation at the moment so ONLY Dome cafe is open. Hence, the "jam-pack-ness". Surprise, surprise, Dôme Coffee is a franchise chain of European-style café restaurants based in Perth, Australia.

Snack before boarding the plane
The menu at Dome is similar to the ones in Malaysia. So you're not missing out at fact, Malaysia is 3 times cheaper also :-S

~I'm coming home, coming home, tell the world that I'm coming home~

Hello again KLIA 2...Great to be back in Malaysia :-D

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