Tuesday, November 11, 2014

FOOD REVIEW: Movie Night at Indulge @ TGV, 1 Utama


Finally visited Indulge (only available at TGV 1 Utama at the moment) after wanting to watch a movie there for the longest time!!! Always, it wasn't the right movie or time. After high ratings from my colleagues from hype.my on the movie Interstellar by Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway, I decided to go check it out the the theaters as I was in 1 Utama only to find out their Indulge was showing Interstellar at a suitable timing!!!!! It was FATED :-D We'll talk more about FATE later when I review the movie down below :-)
 A very comfy area for customers to wait at while the staff was preparing the hall :-)

 There's even a bar for you to order drinks
 In fact, you can even have lunch or dinner here first before going in to watch the movie if you are one of those couples who believe in looking each other in the eyes in bright lightning...well, I opt to "dine" in the theatre instead as most "magic" happens in the dark :-P
 Super impressed with the attentive service from the staff at the lounge area

The toilet is also specially renovated for Indulge guest. However, please note that it's quite a walk from the movie theatre so go to the loo first before you watch the movie...unfortunately, Interstellar was 2 hours 45 minutes long and I had to pee in between T__T 
Your tickets would be placed in a pretty cardboard envelope like this...Each movie ticket is RM45 per ticket which is equivalent with GSC Gold Class
 Here's the menu of the mains. Extremely affordable I must say!

 I took the opportunity to take pictures in the theatre while there's still light. Blankets are included :-)
 Personally, though it's newer, seats aren't as comfortable at GSC Gold Class :-(
 I'm an EXTREMELY naughty girl I tell you, I risked being scolded by the other guest + staff just to take pictures of what I had (with flash!)...:-P Above is the Orange Ice Tea (RM7)
Duck Breast Salad (RM15) & Signature Panna Cotta (RM14)...

Of course, I didn't want to be Ultra "rebellious" so I only took pictures of my own food and not my friend's :-P But then again, he only had a drink...

Verdict: Good-comfortable lounge, attentive and well-mannered staff, yummy and affordable food and drinks menu
Bad-Toilet too far, chairs not as comfy as Gold Glass GSC, do not have as many locations as Gold Class GSC.
My friend told me to prepare boxes of tissue paper as they couldn't stop crying while watching the movie and I was nervous as I didn't come prepared!!! However, you'll only start crying at the 2nd half of movie, so 1 packet of tissue paper is sufficient enough :-P

At the beginning, Interstellar would seem like any other "End of the World" or a typical "Space Movie"...

But then again, the Director and Screenwriter is Christopher Nolan who also screen wrote and directed Inception, Bat Man and other Intellectually and Philosophically challenging movies.

I may be a HUGE fan of Romantic chick flicks, heck, I cried buckets watching The Fault in Our Stars BUT I was so GLAD that there weren't any typical heterosexual male & female romance/love scenes are so predictable and that was the reason why Great Gatsby F.A.I.L.E.D other than the great costumes and actors...

Sitting there for 2 hours 45 minutes, it made me think of so many things about LIFE is general and the lessons that this movie has potrayed-Parental Love, Regrets, Promises, Time, Bravery, Survival of the Fittest and most importantly FATE

"Murphy's Law-Anything that can go wrong will go wrong"

In 2014 alone, So many things has happened in my life both good and bad but I do not regret anything at all. Because regret slows me down and time can NEVER go backwards...Also because I'm older than before, maturity gives me the strength to go on with my Life and make Lemonades when Life is giving me Lemons :-) Fate, I will always believe in Fate. There are things right now that I will not understand why it happened. But I know I will understand in due time...:-)

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