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PHILIPPINES BORACAY TRAVEL 2015: Discovery Diving, Yellow Cab Pizza, D'Talipapa & Clubbing at Juice Bar

Diving has been part of my resolution list for the past 3 years and finally I said to myself "Let's do this!"
That's what the sign says but my experience says otherwise T__T

This was the diving school/centre that we choose
It costs us 3000 pesos per person which is about RM280. Pretty cheap I must say compared to other dive sites in the world.
Signing off my life *gulps*

As a few of us didn't have a license, we opted for the Discovery Scuba Diving package where we are required to watch a video and the participate is a short lesson by the seashore

 First up of course was to change into our wetsuit. I never knew my face was this!

 We were then briefed by our instructor, a lady from Switzerland on the do's and don't and our gear

 After that, it was time for our lesson before we headed out to sea
 I've always had a "Mermaid" complex. I thought I loved the sea and going underwater would be easy peasy for me. Some people say it's all in the mind but it was worst than that.
 No doubt I'm a strong person both mentally and physically but diving challenged me in a way that I could NEVER imagined!
 Partially because the sea was slightly rough that day and breathing through a mouth piece underwater wasn't an easy task at all. While out at sea, I choked on sea water many many times and had countless panic attacks. Panic attacks so severe that I shocked myself. I kept on forcing myself and thinking "Sarah, what the hell is this?! You are stronger than you think you are! Suck it up and just do it!"
One of the reasons I managed to calm down was also due the money I've paid. No refund yo! LOL! When I managed to calm down and dived underwater. It was so damn bloody BEAUTIFUL!!! Blue starfishes and Gigantic Sea Urchins plus schools of fish!!! I don't think I will dive again anytime soon unless it's a challenge where I will win a few million otherwise, those beautiful images will forever stay in my memories :-) 
Diving is terrible exhausting I must say. As we were starving, the best friend and I decided to hunt for some local food.

Chicken Tinola Soup. Very very salty!

Tuna. This was terrible.

Some pork dish
My advice is, though the food items here are considerably cheap compared to other cafes in Boracay but do spent your money elsewhere. So not worth it at all!

Yeap! Watching the sunset 3 evenings in the row. You'll never get enough of it while in Boracay.

Also did some experiment taking some pictures through my sunglasses
Not bad I must say, Not bad at all...

Without sunglasses
With sunglasses
Which picture do you like better?

For dinner, we decided to head for some Yellow Cab pizza. Though the "brand" is packaged to look as if it is a American brand but it is 100% Philipino
This is what you call a beach restaurant :-)

Yellow Cab used to have a branch in Malaysia but it closed down due to the short attention span of Malaysians. But then again, I didn't really enjoy their pizza that much either :-(

Some random fire dance group
If you would like, you can ride on this G Force ride. It's also available in many other countries like Singapore, New Zealand and in Sunway Lagoon Malaysia

Decided to head to D'talipapa which is famous for their seafood market and cheap seafood.

The modus operandi here is that you purchase your seafood fresh from the market and past it to any restaurant of your choice for them to cook it in a style of your choice
The best friend and I never intended to have seafood from the beginning as we are not big seafood fans

Interestingly enough, there's a lot of souvenir shops too at the alleys leading out of D'talipapa

A lot of street artist. No pictures he signaled but too late :-P

As it was our last night there before leaving back to Malaysia the next day we headed to Juice Bar to party with some new found friends :-)
I have to say that it was the BEST night ever and probably the BEST party experience of my life!
Friends from all around the world! Belgium, California, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Philipines and not forgetting us from Malaysia :-D

Most EPIC picture of the night!!! My best friend will kill me for posting this up but she's gonna show my ugly pictures from high school to my future husband anyways. At least wait till he signs the marriage contract first ya? ;-)
Next morning at breakfast we met a few other Malaysians and coincidentally one them is my "senior" at University Malaya :-)

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