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PHILIPPINES BORACAY TRAVEL 2015: Aplaya Italian Restaurant, Fire Dance, Parasailing & Jonah's Fruitshake

We could watch the sunset 3 evenings straight and never get bored of it. Each and every single time it took our breaths away :-)

Makes me think that there's so much more of the world to discover. Need to hustle hustle. It's in the pipeline but this year, I've got another 5 more destinations to uncover before the 3rd quarter!!! I can do this! :-)

You can find a few locations selling this Lechon or roasted pig dish but I didn't try any of them as I was always stuffed with food!

Just walking from one end to another is "sight-seeing" itself!  The central part of Boracay is separated into 2 beaches. One, of course the touristy White Sand Beach and the other is the Kite Surfing beach. Sorry! No pictures :-( Somehow disappeared from my camera remember?

A long the beach you would also find a lot of outdoor massage service at a cheap price of 350 pesos (RM30) per hour.

One evening, we were invited by Sammi & Kelvin to dine at an Italian restaurant called Aplaya which coincidentally is located next to Ti Braz Cafe where we were the night before.
The owner of Aplaya is Sammi's friend in Shanghai and owns a few F & B outlets in Shanghai

It was buy one free one cocktails that night. Though my camera was in the right "function", the pictures somehow turned out red :-( So I'll try my best to explain

We ordered a few tapas

Nimi ordered the Pizza as her mains

While I had a plate of delicious squid ink risotto. My favorite. Portions were huge!
The dessert
We were also treated to a Fire Dance performance where the performers suddenly appeared out of nowhere. LOL!

That awkward moment when an iPhone camera looks better than my own semi-professional camera *cries* So gonna invest in an iPhone 6 before my next holiday :-)
We were also joined by new friends from Bulgaria. That night we learnt that Bulgaria is the No.1 exporter of Rose Oil & Lavender Oil :-)

Next day was another fun-filled beach activity day!

The Best Friend and I decided to head to do some Parasailing

Parasailing was 3000 pesos (RM280) for 2 person. It's more expensive individually.

Throughout the boat trip to the middle of the sea before boarding another boat for parasaillng, the workers would be extremely "nice" to you helping you take pictures etc...but BEWARE!!! It's a scam!!! Ladies and gentleman, IT'S A SCAM!!!

They asked us for tips and set a minimum of 200 pesos (RM18). DAFUG? They will then ask you over and over again repeatedly when you move to a separate boat. Thank god I ran out of money and luckily they didn't throw me into the sea...LOL!!!

Up, up and away!!!

Looking at these pictures makes me so happy especially with the parachute smiling back at me :-D 

The workers were extremely skilled photographers too. Ok la. Kinda deserved the tips :-)

Before going up, the boatmen asked if we would like a "dip". "Hell yea" both me and the best friend replied :-)

One bad thing about being on air and on the boat. I got motion sickness!!! Wanted to puke the ENTIRE time. But due to my "professionalism" and ego in wanting to get good pictures, I preservered!!! #yolo

This is the nasty tip box we all should be careful of :-(
A group of divers going out to sea

Decided to walk to the other section of the beach to "walk off" my motion sickness and we discovered the Mother Mary statue

Somehow the sky turned gloomy. So we decided to head for lunch :-)

We headed to some random restaurant that said "Wi-Fi". LOL!!! We're a slave to technology!!!

I wanted to eat something local so I ordered Pork Adobo

Super duper delicious! Though I find that a lot of Philipino dishes are slightly on the "salty" side

This part of the beach near the Mother Mary statue is a bit more "quiet" yet at the same time a bit more rocky and "pebble-ly"

Decided to take more pictures with the statue once the sky cleared up :-)

Was craving for some Milkshakes so we headed to Jonah's Fruitshake. They have 2 branches in Boracay. The 2nd one is near the main road. I actually had the Chocolate Banana Milkshake the day before but no pictures to show. Oh wells, life goes on!
I actually preferred the fruit shakes compared to it's chocolate base ones...
Avocado & Mango Melon

Oh ya, the best friend had to change some currency, so after surveying the ENTIRE island, this place has the BEST rates! It's located at an alley near the parasailing/watersports counter. You are most welcomed :-)
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