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PHILIPPINES BORACAY TRAVEL 2015: Pub Crawl Boracay & White Sand Beach

"I have loved you, I have tried" - Jane, The Theory of Everything

Everything happens for a reason. EVERY. SINGLE. THING. Sometimes we do not understand why at a particular moment but in due time we will. We all will. At least now I know and have tested the depths of my patience, love, strength

For some strange reason, my semi-professional camera lost pictures from the 1st day of my Boracay trip but thanks to backup cameras, friend's camera and the power of Facebook + Social Media, I managed to collect enough pictures to write about the story of my Birthday trip :-) Probably time for a new camera soon? :-)
Boracay is so beautiful but I just hate the travel. Traveling in and out of the island alone takes us 2 whole days! Including the 2 hour nauseating bus ride from the Kalibo Airport.

Boracay is an "extremely" small island. The centre part of the island is where the commercialized shops, restaurants/cafe and hotels are located. Basically it's "walkable" by foot unless you decide to go to either ends of the island, you can do so by either renting a boat or motorcycle at a reasonable price.
This place is called D'Mall. Basically it is the most central location located at Station 2 of Boracay. You'll find lots of restaurants, souvenir shops and also several supermarkets here.
We arrived very very late. About 6pm and after checking-in + dumping our bags at our hostel, we immediately made our way to the Ti Braz Cafe, a cafe in Boracay that was famous for their Crepe as the starting point of the Boracay Pub Crawl was there. As the event starts at 8pm, we hurriedly ordered some food and gobbled it up before the briefing started. Unfortunately, I lost all those pictures. Will updates if it miraculously appears *fingers crossed*
So, each of the participants are required to pay a fee of 750 peso. Nimi and I only paid 690 each as we booked it online early. Each person handed with 5 coupons where we would be able to redeem shots, a yellow T-shirt, wrist band and a shot glass which we hang around our necks.
Throughout the night (the event last from 9pm-2am), there are plenty of beach games where we are required to form groups and mingle and we also visited up to 5 bars/clubs
Our new friend Sammi & Kelvin from Shanghai & Hong Kong respectively :-)
The whole purpose of this trip for Nimi and I (other than it being my Birthday Trip) was to make new friends. In fact, we made very little planning and research as we just wanted to have fun and enjoy ourselves :-) Since, my Hanoi trip (which I did very little planning too), I realized that I've had more fun when I worry less about planning and scheduling. So much more fun and less stressful! Part of growing up I guess :-)
One particular bar we went to called the "Silent party" was pretty damn interesting. Basically, all of us have headphones which we can listen to the music that the DJ is playing however, in actual fact, our surrounding was quiet. So when you remove your headphones, you'll see everyone dancing like a monkey (lol!) but then again, who cares? Everyone is pretty much drunk already :-P
We also met a lot of new friends from around Malaysia too! From Penang to Johore.
And of course, friends from many different countries. Amazing how fast we can connect with people considering we speak so many languages as Malaysians :-)
One thing I noticed in Boracay is that there is A LOT of Korean tourist!!!!! Also due to the fact that Korean Air flies directly to the Caticlan Airport which is located much closer to Boracay Island.

Shots for all!!!

Group picture!
New friends from Manila :-)
Boracay is the ultimate party location I must say! Cheap liquor and cigarettes and NO NEED to wear heels and dress up. Love it!

Would love my hens night party here one day but I just hate the bus trip from the airport. Gives me fatigue and hurts my back T__T

Best part is of course, cute guys buying us drinks all night! :-P

Next morning, we headed to the beach bright and early for a swim.
The beach is lovely, with white sand as soft as flour under your feet.
Trust me, you can hang out at the beach all day though it gets pretty hot mid-afternoon.

From Sunrise to.....
Boracay just have a charm that I cannot describe in words

Even by looking at the pictures, I think to myself, this is just too picturesque to be true...

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