Monday, March 2, 2015

FOOD REVIEW: Fine Dining at Zenzero Restaurant & Wine Bar @ St. Mary's Residence

I always love and enjoy Birthdays! Celebrations! Parties! Surprises! Presents! Dressing Up! Being Happy! not only for my own occasion but also for friends. Nothing beats the satisfaction of surprising the people you love and seeing that priceless expression on their face right? 

Last year, I had an eye infection on my Birthday so it was a bit of a downer but from this year and years after this onwards, I'll make it big and happy :-)
Before leaving for Perth, my best friend forever decided to treat me for a Birthday meal at Zenzero at St.Mary's residence (a stone's throw away from Pavilion)

The best friend was making it up to me as she would not be able to make it to my giant Birthday Bash a few days later as she had her own farewell party with her friends. Nim nim will be heading to Perth to pursue her studies and a career in Psychology. With love, I wish her all the best :')
Have been wanting to visit Zenzero for the longest time especially considering I love Italian food and in particularly anything with Squid Ink.

We arrived pretty early but as the evening went by, we noticed that most of the customers were caucasian expats

A glass of white wine to start the dinner

The bread is fresh & warm. Just how I like it.

As the Chef knew I was celebrating my birthday, we were served with a complimentary plate of appetizer :-)

We also had complimentary Birthday shots! :-D

For mains, I had the Salmon, which I find was pretty interesting as the skin was coated with white and black sesame, giving this dish an interesting texture.

Nimi ordered the squid ink risotto, which I thought was a disappointment :-(
Just too watery. Nuff said.

For dessert, out came the Molten Lava Birthday cake :-)
As per usual, 15 minutes waiting time for this dessert
To WORLD PEACE :-), To an AMAZING year ahead and the strength to forgive and bless all those around me :-)

VERDICT: Romantic ambiance. I also appreciate the kind gesture of the chef & staff for all the complimentary appetizers and shots that we got. Made my birthday dinner super lovely :-) Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Zenzero Restaurant & Wine Bar

A-0-9 , Ground Floor
St Mary Place
No 1 Jalan Tengah
50450 Kuala Lumpur
T : +603 2022 3883
E :

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