Thursday, May 14, 2015

INDONESIA BALI TRAVEL 2015: Jimbaran Bay Sunset & Candlelight Dinner

Thank you god for creating smart humans who created an amazing thing called technology so that I could edit my pictures as such :-)
We headed to Jimbaran for dinner and also to watch the sunset. I told the driver to recommend a place and I deliberately did that as my driver is a really good guy. I wanted him to earn a commission (if there was any). We were then brought to this cafe called the Bali Beach Cafe.

When we arrived, the sun was still beaming brightly 

Our "appetizer"
Welcome drink 
Jimbaran Bay has white sand and.....LOTS of obnoxious tourist from China =__="

The China tourist could sometimes get irritating as they were always shouting in excitement and obnoxiously stand in front of you and block your view

Those poor pony that the tourist were riding on were small and skinny. Poor pony :'(

You can opt to either order individually or a set. We were pretty full so we ordered individual dishes.

Who knew how photogenic chicken could look with the right lighting & decor

As the sun was setting, out came a band that goes from table to table serenading us with oldies
As they were A LOT of China tourist, the band was smart enough to sing some Mandarin songs
Though they only knew a handful and kept repeating those tunes. LOL!
Then came the song from Teresa Teng. It's my favorite emo mandarin oldie called Ni Zhe Me Shuo "What do you have to say?", the band was surprised when I started to sing along with them and actually *ehem* better than them *ehem* :-P
 我 没 忘记, 你 忘记 我

Wǒ méi wàngjì , nǐ wàngjì wǒ

I did not forget you but you have forgotten me

连 名字 你 都 说 错
Lián míngzi nǐ dōu shuō cuò
You even said my name incorrectly

证明 你 一切 都 是 *在 骗 我
Zhèngmíng nǐ yīqiè dōu shì zài piàn wǒ
It proves that you were lying to me all these while
看 今天 你 怎么 说 
Kàn jīntiān nǐ zěnme shuō 
Let's see what do you have to say today

你 说 过 两 天 来 看 我
Nǐ shuō guò liǎng tiān lái kàn wǒ 
You said you would come to see me after two days

一 等 就是 一 年 多
Yī děng jiùshì yī nián duō
But I have waited for more than a year

三 百 六十 五 个 日子 不 好过
Sān bǎi liù shí wǔ gè rìzi bù hǎoguò
(waiting) 365 days wasn't easy 

你 心 里 根本 没 有 我
Nǐ xīn lǐ gēnběn méi yǒu wǒ
You simply don't have me in your heart

把 我的 爱情 还 给 我 
Bǎ wǒde àiqíng huán gěi wǒ 
Please return my love to me

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