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INDONESIA BALI TRAVEL 2015: The Magani Hotel & Spa + Balinese Massage

Hello again Bali my dearest friend :-)

I didn't expect to visit Bali again so soon but I did. In fact, this year, strangely enough and due to some turn of events, I'd be visiting a lot of countries that I'd be familiar.

This time is Bali, I was smarter. I made my transportation arrangements via email & whatsapp way before my trip to Bali.
As I walked out the departure hall, there was my name is BOLD :-D #likeavip. My driver name is Ketut (there are probably hundreds of thousands of people named Ketut in Bali so it is best that you remember the Vehicle number too!) I would highly recommend him as he spoke really good English too! Send me an email at lowsarahmay@gmail.com if you want his contact :-) For airport transfer and 2 days of day tour, I only paid RM350. Compared to the last round when I was in Bali, I only started looking for transportation after I landed at the airport and had to haggle like a mad woman...T__T

So, for our first 2 nights,we stayed at The Magani Hotel which is conveniently located at Legian and just off the road from Kuta.
Can't tell you much about the price of the hotel since it was a sponsored trip :-D

While waiting to get ourselves registered, I walked around and this beautiful sight greeted me.

All I want to do is sit in the hotel and do nothing but...I was always hungry...and hunger wins

The Cafe

If there's one thing I really like about this hotel (other than the pool) is the Breakfast spread! The food quality is consistent and they use premium ingredients unlike Hard Rock Hotel Bali (which I stayed the last round I visited Bali) which has cheap jams, sausages, etc...I'm really particular with my food.

This hotel is also known for their spa services too. Unfortunately, it was too late for us to book a massage that night so we just used the jacuzzi (separate jacuzzis for Male and Female). I have no idea why the jacuzzi was COLD! So in the end, I just used the sauna.

At night, there's an Open Bar by the pool side where you can swim and have cocktails!
I had Coffee instead :-D

Unless you're ticklish, there's no reason for you not to try Balinese Massage at least once while you're in Bali. I tried several massage places while I was in Bali and obviously I avoided the dodgy looking ones that usually have English names such as "Carol massage", "Sheila's Spa", etc. After dinner at Seminyak one evening, we came across this Massage/Spa place next to RC Villas called the RC Spa. It is a little far from Kuta and Legian and in fact it is located at the end of Seminyak but the massages here as what we Chinese people call "Pang, Leng, Cheng" (Cheap, Nice, Good).

Here's the price. 120,000 Rupiah is about RM40 which is CRAZY cheap!

I took a leaflet with the price of their other services and address. You are welcome :-D

We came across Jari Menari which is rated the TOP Balinese Massage Centre in Bali. However, there's 2 things. ONE, It's REALLY expensive. TWO, the masseurs are ALL men and I'm too shy and traditional to let random men touch me. Cues MC Hammer song *Can't touch this* :-P

There was this other massage place which we went to. Please DO NOT go there!!! From the outside, it looks posh and even the leaflet is quite pretty looking but unfortunately, they have really bad sound proofing.

Throughout our 1 hour (luckily only 1 hour) worth of massage, the bar opposite keep on jamming, blasting and the live band were screaming Rock Songs!!!!! Actually, the live band was really good and the singer sang really well...but...but....it's my spa time!!!!!

I repeat. DO NOT VISIT.

For your easy reading, I have split my Bali trip into several separate posts for your viewing and to navigate easier. Do look out for my next posts on the Tourists site I visited and....FOOD! :-)

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