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INDONESIA BALI TRAVEL 2015: Potato Head Beach Club, Seminyak & The Astagani Villa & Resort

A beach holiday is never complete without watching the Sunset or Sunrise. I'm not really a morning person so Sunset it is! :-D While doing my research, 2 of the Top recommended Beach Bar or Club is KUDETA and Potato Head Beach Club. I asked the locals for opinion and all of them unanimously agreed that Potato Head Beach Club had the better view.
One of the BEST decision of this trip!

The interesting thing about Bali is that every beach there have different type of sand. The sand at Potato Head Beach Club or in the area of Seminyak has what is known as "Black Sand". The pictures taken at the beach here is really beautiful as the the wet black sand creates somewhat of a "natural" mirror image :-)

We did not make any reservations at Potato Head Beach Club (I recommend that you do) and the place was FULL!
I wanted the seat near the beach so that I can watch the sunset but it wasn't available so we sat at the bar. After waiting for about 15-20 mins we were lucky and got a table facing the sea.

I love the ambiance and classy crowd at Potato Head Beach Club. I may not be born a princess (Though my first name means Princess in hebrew) but I'm very particular about mixing with rowdy rednecks, bogans or in Malaysia, lala or rempits.

The design of the building is interesting in a futuristic way. However, I hate it at the same time coz it blocks off the view of the sunset :'(

Long Island Ice Tea

I can't remember the name of this drink but it was light. Highly recommended by the bartender

The panoramic view from where we were seated

As the color of the sky changes, One word. BREATHTAKING!

Even at night, people were still walking their dogs

As I was walking out of the club, I noticed that there was an event being held at their souvenir shop.
Never heard of this brand

However, the lady in white (back facing me) looked a bit like Vera Wang :-P

Astagina Villa was the 2nd location that we stayed at while in Bali. Bali has so many beautiful hotels and villas that I'm so greedy and want to visit ALL OF THEM!!! Though I know that its almost impossible this lifetime.
Took a lot of pretty pictures here too and the hotel was just so picturesque. Somehow, the whole of Bali is created by god to look so photogenic.

Astagani Villa is a relatively new resort. Eventhough this place is rather "pretty" but I wouldn't really recommend this place as it's location is too secluded. In fact, most drivers have trouble navigating to the place and the drivers here have maps memorized in their heads.

Our welcome drink

Interesting story here. If I ever had a "ghostly" encounter this would probably be it. While we were trying to open our room door, I heard someone from the next room opening the door (really loudly) so I stepped aside just in case I was blocking the way in anticipation of the "neighbor" coming out. No body came out even though the door opened slowly and was left slightly ajar. We saw a dimmed light in the room so we assumed there was someone inside. 

After about 1/2 hour, we headed out and we wanted to get massage at Kuta and we saw that the door was still left opened. However, this time there was no light.

Next morning, guess what? Door was still open but nobody was inside *faints*

I am never scared of ghost as I believe I have a pretty strong aura & good karma. But this "encounter" was scary enough. I'm going to bring a Holy Cross for my next holiday! Protect me Lord!!! *though I have sinned* :-P

My souvenirs! Aromatherapy oil :-)

No buffet breakfast and you would need to select either one

American Breakfast
Continental Breakfast. The Banana Pancakes and Pineapple Pancakes were pretty good. Would experiment at home one day :-)

Swim time! As you can see behind me, there would soon be a Pool bar too :-)

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