Wednesday, May 13, 2015

INDONESIA BALI TRAVEL 2015: Tirta Empur Spring at Tampaksiring & Monkey Forest, Ubud

The first stop for our Ubud day trip was the Tirta Empur Spring. It's about 30-45 minutes from Ubud City Centre. Unfortunately, there was some festival going on in Bali that day so the jam was really bad. Finally we arrived at our first destination!

This was my 2nd time visiting the Tirta Empur Spring. At the entrance, you'd be provided with a "sarong" for you to wrap around your waist. Most "Holy" temples requires you to cover the lower part of your body.
I love this pictures. The "Sarong" actually made me look extra classy :-)

Devotees and Tourists (with proper clothing) are allowed to wash themselves in the Holy Spring for blessing. I didn't do it. Too lazy and it was lunch time already, all I wanted to do was walk around quickly and head for lunch.

There's also a Koi Fish pond for you (No swimming) to walk around and feed fishes.

After our "Feast" in Bali, I was full to the brim and just wanted to walk around. So we asked the driver to bring us to the Monkey Forest. You'd find Monkeys almost everywhere in Bali so watch your belongings and avoid wearing shiny jewelries, sunglasses, and colorful items which would attract the monkeys.
The place was so pretty! Took a lot of artistic looking shots too!

This is basically how I look when I want something from someone...Puhleaseeeee??? *In my most manja voice* :-P

Baby monkeys running around

Few types of plantain for you to choose from if you would like to buy and feed the monkeys

The panoramic view of the Monkey Forest

Some of the monkeys here were pretty old, some fat and some cute. Worth a visit :-)

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