Tuesday, July 21, 2015

THAILAND BANGKOK TRAVEL 2015: Thairath TV (Channel 32) & Som Tom Nua (ส้มตำ นัว)

~Just let the story unfold and think to yourself "Let's see where it goes".~
Finally, Part 1 of my Bangkok, Thailand trip :-) Took an afternoon flight and arrived Bangkok in the evening.

At Don Meung Airport :-)

Our first stop was Thairath TV (Channel 32) as our Thai Friend wanted to visit his newscaster friend :-) My Thai friend being someone *cough*influential*cough* in Thailand got us a walk-in-walk-out whenever we want pass :-P

Such a surreal experience watching the evening news being film LIVE!

We headed to Som Tom Nua after that for dinner. During my previous visit to Bangkok, I noticed a long line outside Som Tom Nua's Siam Square branch and have been curious to try out this place ever since!

I really loved the ambiance of this branch. Eventhough the place was filled with plants but *touchwood* no mosquitos at all!

This outlet also shares the same location as this dessert place, in case you are craving for any desserts.

The Fried Chicken (Kai Tud, ไก่ทอด) was the BOMB! We ordered 2 portions of this. It was so addictive! Crispy with a rich taste of its spices but not too spicy at the same time.

My Thai friend explained that the dishes served at this Thai restaurant originates from the Northern part of Thailand.

Apparently, Northern Thais loved having sticky rice instead of the normal ones.
Clear soup Tom Yum. I was on FIRE!!!

The Mixed papaya salad (Somtam, ส้มตำ), as the name of the restaurant suggest, is the signature dish here.

But Somtam in Somtam Nua is very spicy! Too hot for my to handle in fact!

Was struggling to take a good picture as the ambiance was pretty dark. The below is the Minced Pork dish.

Grilled pork neck (Kor Moo Yang, คอหมูย่าง)
Personally, I preferred the Pork Neck dish compared to the Minced Pork
VERDICT: Worth a visit. Tasty food! Though my lips were on fire after the dinner ended. No cosmentic fillers required to give me bee stung lips :-P

Strangely, I couldn't find the address of this Somtam Nua (ส้มตำ นัว) branch but here's the other 2 taken from another food blog:-

- Siam square branch : Little bit old but the original one. Sometimes I can see a long waiting line for it! It’s located in Soi 5 Siam square.
- Siam center branch : New & modern branch. You can find this branch on Food court floor. I think this place is quite popular in Chulalongkorn university students. Easy to see college students in the restaurant.

Us fooling around, with me in my night mask before waking up early for another day of adventure!

Look out for Part 2 *winks*

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