Tuesday, August 25, 2015

THAILAND BANGKOK TRAVEL 2015: Khao San Road Clubbing, Grand Palace, Custom made Ice-Cream Parlour & Platinum Mall

If there are 2 countries where the 7 eleven would impress me, it would be Thailand & Taiwan. Maybe I'll just migrate there *wishful thinking*
So after dinner, we headed to Khao San Road to club at this club called "The Club". Lol! See what I did there.

The perks of having a Thai Royalty as a friend is that he/she would have a lot of Thai Celebrity friends that would pull strings for you...a.k.a no lining up/cover charge when entering the club #likeaboss #humblebrag

We often took the cab in Thailand as it is safer and ironically same price as a tuk-tuk (open air taxi)
With Peck Palitchoke who is herald as the "Justin Timberlake" of Thailand. You know, partying with celebrities as usual *flips hair* :-D

Drunk pictures taken by Ancy. No, I meant she's the drunk one :-P #alldayerrday

Expect a lot of Caucasians partying at Khao San road and what I loved about this club is that it was airy and non-smoky. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think you cannot smoke in this particular club. Not sure whether it a flood ruling for all clubs in Thailand.
People can get rather rowdy, if you like that. At I got approached by a lot of Caucasian Men...who thought I was Thai...LMAO!!! But sorry, I like chinaman or orientals :-P

No pictures. But I'm a rebel.

Next Day, we woke up bright and early to head to the Grand Palace. Apparently, if you're in Bangkok and you did not visit the Grand Palace, it's as though you have never visited Bangkok at all!!! What a way to ignite my "kiasu-ness"...

Tourist Tips: the entrance fee to the Grand Palace in Bangkok is 500baht (RM50). However, if you look Thai (like me) and feel cheeky, you can walk towards the Thai Resident lane and say "Khun Thai Ka" if you're a girl or "Khun Thai Kap" if you're a guy with emphasis on the last word and walk in #likeaboss  Funny part was that my friends and I were stopped, for inappropriate clothing though our Thai was convincing Note: Need to be covered up, no ripped jeans, no ballerina flats that shows the top part of your feet. Good Luck! 

The weather the crazy hot in Thailand and the sun is usually burning with sun rays piercing through your skin (no joke) as the skies are extremely clear in Bangkok unlike Malaysia where it's usually slightly cloudy.
Fruit juice stalls are available everywhere to keep you dehydrated

What I love about Bangkok is that you can find lots of novelty cafe and by lots I mean at every corner!

Best part is that you wanna try them all and the taste is usually beyond expectations! Yumz!

We decided to get a custom made popsicle to cool ourselves down

The Thais are known for being very artistically inclined like their king who is an amazing Saxophonist himself. Hence, at many random corners, you'll find "instagram-friendly" spots where you can take pictures at :-)

A boutique cafe right next to the ice-cream place as my friend Kai wanted to get a drink instead.

Another place that you MUST visit while in Bangkok is of course the infamous Platinum Mall. Not only you can shop for a variety of clothes there *Yay* but the Food Court itself is sufficient for you to savour all the BEST food in Bangkok.

We also meet up with my old friend Ruksa whom I've known for 6-7 years while on a Forum in Hong Kong
Thank you for being an AMAZING guide and for accompanying us in Shopping. Till we meet again darling :-)

Me & Ancy's Loot of the day :-D

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