Wednesday, August 26, 2015

THAILAND BANGKOK TRAVEL 2015: Khao Yai Mountain & Sightseeing (MK Steamboat, De Khao Yai, Toscana & Cafe De Mar)

Other than just staying in Bangkok City, we made a 2 day trip to Khao Yai (it means Big Mountain in Thai). Khao Yai is a tourist destination that is mostly catered for the locals but do expect very high end boutique hotels and restaurants here. You can also play golf here and visit the nearby dairy farm.
We were extremely privileged I must say as we stayed at our Thai friend's family "summer home" which is in the same compound as the Royal Princess's private abode.

That's the Princess's bungalow behind me and no, we're not allowed to go in and view as Thais believe that "normal peasants" would not be able to handle the "royal energy" in the house and would thus result in.....death.....
Eventhough the name Sarah means princess, but...I'm not pushing it :-S

Acting like we're rich kids...well, she is :-S
Their resident dogs-Blackie, Johnnie & Sausage also came out and play!

A look inside the house

Best signage ever! and this is my friend's uncle, the chief police of Thailand...*runs away*

We then headed out to dinner, there are many restaurants around and strangely, the food at a random Thai restaurant taste super awesome, i don't know why!
You need a car though as all eateries are far apart and quite a distance to walk to...
Khao Yai is also famous for Muchrooms...

I don't know what fish is this but the deep fried basil leave that came with it was AMAZING!!!

If you love beers, you'd love Thailand. Beers are dirt cheap here...

Of course our host treated us to a lot of expensive wines too! Coz #wereclassylikethat

Early morning breakfast at some random cafe. Basically, we just needed a place with WiFi...

Doi Chaang Coffee is available everywhere!

This dish is called the Vietnamese Egg...Super Delicious!

Thai Iced Milk Tea, My favourite!

Basically our entire trip in Khao Yai revolves around eating, drinking, sleeping and some sightseeing...
For lunch we had steamboat at this Chain restaurant called MK

I would highly recommend this place!
Delicious food & good quality control on the taste

It's very obvious that Khao Yai is catered for the rich and affluent considering there are lots of luxury developments around. One of it is the Villa De Khao Yai

LOL! Our lesbo couple poses...

One of the MOST beautiful places that I've ever visited in my life is this development called Toscana. It's about 30 minutes drive from the centre of Khao Yai but it's worth the journey

This place has several private housing areas, a hotel, shops and several dining facilities

A makeshift tiny Italian village

We dined at the area facing the infinity pool and the view was AMAZING!!!

So romantic!!! OMG!!! *hints*future husband*hints*

Yup, the sausages were so delicious we ordered 2 sets of it!

Next day, more food!!!

We had lunch at this random food stall and for 4 dishes and meal for 3 person plus drinks the bill only came up to RM32!!! What sorcery is this?

We then headed for coffee at another lovely cafe called Casa De Cafe

More food before heading back to Bangkok...dammit, the land of good, cheap, food...I change my mind on migrating here.

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