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THAILAND BANGKOK TRAVEL 2015: Riya Surya Boutique Hotel & Surrounding Eateries (Noi Soi Beef Noodles, Sheepshank, Matabak)

My Bangkok Trip was a well deserved retreat after all the hectic-ness that was going on with work. We decided to stay at a Boutique Hotel called Riya Surya (near Khao San road and 5 minutes from Grand Palace). Though quite far from the Shopping areas, there were many areas of this hotel which I truly loved as I could just chill here the entire day and I can find almost everything I need in the area.
Upon entering the hotel premise, you'll get an extremely "zen" feeling.

Riya Surya is located next to the Chao Phraya river

There were a few mornings where I woke up early for a jog by the river though the trek isn't that long
The pool area is the part of the hotel that I like best!

Btw, there's a lot of delicious and incredibly cheap street food which you can takeaway and eat by the pool. Ok, not everyone is allowed to do this, only my Thai friend coz he's ehem*Thai royalty* ehem

If you are wondering, those 2 apartment buildings belongs to the Royal family.

With my beloved Ancy :-)

Was super addicted to these corn chips and wanted to bring some home but couldn't find any at the Supermarket :-(

In the evenings, having dinner by the river is a great idea!
You'll get to catch a lot of ferries/mini cruise ship crusing by, but it's more like like a party boat with blinking lights and "techno" style music!

But according to our "Thai" friend, the food on the dinner cruise ain't good, so might as well have an authentic Thai dinner in the hotel :-)

The gym facilities is also top notch

What I love about the Thais is that they have amazing artistic sense

Nearby, there's a lot of very good eateries near the hotel
If you love Pho. There's a famous Chicken Pho place

And if you love Pork & Beef Noodles. OMG! This place is the BOMB!!!
No English signages available but in Thai, this place is called "Noi Soi"

Super thick black coffee
Thai version of the Cola

Beef Noodles

Pork Noodles

The Pho from the restaurant which I spoke about earlier

At night, there's a lot of reasonably "romantic" dining places along the river. One particular night, we headed to the Sheepshank

We then had supper *Fat Die Me*

The Mataba a.k.a Murtabak in Malaysia is located opposite this old Thai Fort

The difference between the Mataba here and the ones available in Malaysia is the variation, you have savory ones where you eat with curry and pickles and sweet ones where you eat with condensed milk.

Just like every other night while we were there, we chatted the night away with wonderful and new friends :-)

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