Friday, August 28, 2015

THAILAND BANGKOK TRAVEL 2015: Chatuchak Market, Somerset Hotel & Residence (Thonglor), White Flower Factory Restaurant & Healthland Massage

Chatuchak Market or also known as JJ Art Market is another tourist area that one must visit especially if it's their first time in Bangkok.

The promoter girls in Bangkok are not only HOT (physically pleasing) but their outfits are mesmerizing too!

Honestly there is nothing much to shop as the items at Chatuchak Market is overpriced but do come here for the street food especially the coconut ice cream

After Chatuchak Market, we headed to Thonglor a "high end district" in Bangkok. Something like Bangsar/Mont Kiara of KL. 
We had dinner at Baan Ice located at the same building as Somerset, which would be the place we were living for the night

There's a lot of high end bars located in Thonglor and you'll see a lot of sport cars of the road too. *ehem* You're welcome ladies :-P


That night, we had dinner with another Thai friend at another Famous restaurant called the White Flower Factory

Highly recommended! *three thumbs up*

I was already fascinated by the cake display at the entrance while waiting for our table.

They gave us chocolate cakes as samples while we were waiting. TO DIE FOR!!!

Get the window seat as you would have the chance to people watch

Thai Milk Tea Cake

Forgot to take a picture of this soup dish but it's their signature dish in this restaurant!!!

After dinner, and A LOT of effort in flagging a taxi, we finally got to Healthland Massage Centre. I don't know why but Taxis from the City Centre don't like going out of their way eventhough it's a location just 15-20 minutes away...

We look like mental institute patients...maybe we are :-P

Thai massages are cheap and to-die-for!!! Stayed at the massage parlour till closing time before heading back to the hotel to get our stuff and head to the airport

Breakfast is served. Our last meal in Bangkok before our flight home.

Till we meet again! xoxo

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