Sunday, July 16, 2017

TAROT READING: About the Practitioner

Body, Mind and Soul Alignment Tarot
When your mind, heart, body and soul are in balance, you can live a radiant and joyful life. When the communication between your body, mind and soul are incongruent, your life will feel chaotic and you will find it difficult to move forward in your life. 

If you feel that something is missing in your approach to life, experiencing thought patterns that hold you back from accepting the moment or perhaps not contented with your life, here is where the reading can benefit you. 

The Waite Tarot Card Reading offer (Body) awareness of personal health issues and provide advice for physical improvement. (Mind-Soul) in-depth guidance allows a person to gain more insight about own personalities, one's relationship, financial issues, family matters and other issues that seems to present itself in your life. During the card reading, it provide the abilities to lead, guide and assist a person to make critical decisions, advice on available options and solutions when being faced with numerous issues and/or uncertainty of how to proceed forward in their life. It is a powerful tool that assists one to grow and enhance their relationship, career prospects, future opportunities awaiting and spiritual path.

Sarah May Low works as the Head of Sales for Malaysia's No.1 Tech Website. She is also a shoe designer, professional singer, dancer, stage actress, emcee, and Miss Malaysia Earth Energetic 2013.

Sarah first studied astrology with one of New Zealand's top Astrologer while she was living in Auckland in 2011. After doing much research on other forms of divination and healing such as Chinese Feng Shui, Taoism Oracle, Palmistry, Tea Leave Reading, Angel Cards Reading, Meditation, Yoga, etc. She finally found her true calling in Tarot.

Under the tutelage of Malaysia's premiere Tarot practitioner, renowned for her "Body-Mind-Soul Alignment Technique", Sarah aims to offer guidance for her querent to seek clarity and awakening in finding their life's purpose.

Got a burning? Wanna a FULL Tarot Reading to gain clarity? Email me at or PM me on my Facebook page to book a slot.

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