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FOOD REVIEW: The Cafe Apartment @ Saigon Walking Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh

Despite Poke Bowls being all the rage in Malaysia, this is my first time trying it though it is quite similar with dishes I've had at Japanese (sushi/salmon bowl) & healthy/vegan restaurants...

On my Instagram bio, I asked & answered myself...What's the most important thing in life? 开心就好 H A P P I N E S S 🌈
During my father's funeral, I found out that my ancestors, the late Low Kim Boon & Low Hiang were prominent figures whose names are found in our Malaysian history books. My great x6 x7 grandfathers were wealthy Hokkien clan leaders & tin miners who spent three years in Saigon before moving to Singapore and settling in Malaysia...

My friends always commented that I looked & dress "high class"...Now, I know why...I'm from an aristocrat family yo! But unfortunately, the Chinese believe that "Wealth cannot pass three generations," hence, our wealth was lost due to gambling habits from the "people in between" (FML X 100000000000)...

My ancestor even literally had a road named after him! I fantasize the day where I drive like a Crazy B*tch and annoy fellow Malaysians...

Peasant: Oi!!! Drive like Crazy!!! Your grandfather road at?

*Winds down imaginary Lamborghini*

Queen SML: Oh Yes! Indeed it is :D

***End of Fantasy***

Because my ancestors owned many plots of lands around Holy Rosary Church in Brickfields, I now understand why it was "tradition" for my parents, uncles, relatives to marry at Holy Rosary church & for all of us great x 7 x 8 grandchildren to be Baptized at the same church...

According to my uncle Steven, we were previously Buddhist but decided to convert to Roman Catholics as it was very "high class" to do so during the British rule. My ancestors are such "wannabees"...I LIKE! :D

You'd rarely see me smiling in pictures (as I like to live up to my mysterious and sexy image ala Mona Lisa lol!) But three days before my father passed away, I told him of my plans to move to Vietnam, and he gave me his blessings...

When my father was diagnosed with lungs cancer 11 years ago, I cried my heart out after hearing the news, but he looked at me in the eye and told me.

"I promise you that I will live long enough to walk you down the aisle."

For years, I carried that "burden" with me as I wanted to fulfill my father's wishes which resulted in me resenting my exes for wasting my precious time and making me dump their useless ass but realized that everything happens in "God's timing"...

I can NEVER force a relationship or marry someone just because I wanted to be a dutiful daughter...It's ALWAYS better to marry later in life but the RIGHT one than marrying the wrong one and then being twice divorced and with three kids...

I told my father

"Daddy, I want to move to Vietnam and pursue my dreams. I haven't found the right guy to marry yet, but when I do, he'll be the most amazing guy I've ever meet, and we'll have a happy marriage."

My father knew that friends my age were getting divorced and my cousins are single mums, and he didn't want that to happen to me. He always knew that remaining single had always been my choice because his beautiful daughter still had suitors picking her up in sports cars (because he caught them outside the house & questioned them many times! LOL!) He said

"I see that you're happy when you say you want to go (to Vietnam). Go, be happy....and take care of yourself."

and that was his last wishes for be happy and to take care of myself...

View from the 8th Floor (Highest Floor)
I missed this landmark when I was in Ho Chi Minh early this year for New Years Day

The Apartment café is 8th stories high & includes not only cafes but also nail parlors, etc...

To use the lift, you would need to pay VND3000

We were starving after walking around and wanted something healthy after I stuffed myself silly with too many delicious Vietnamese dishes (though Vietnamese food is reasonably healthy already).

You can choose your ingredients or an already "ävailable" dish on the menu...because I was lazy...I just told them to give me whatever "Vegetarian" ones they had...Best decision ever! Every bite I took was delicious!

A Poke bowl starts from VND150,000 and can go up to VND300,000 depending on the number of topping you choose :-)

Poke Saigon

42/25 Nguyen Hue Street | 2nd Floor, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Contact no: +84 90 247 43 88

The Cafe Apartment
42, Nguyen Hue, Ben Nghe,
Quan 1, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

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