Sunday, October 10, 2010

SKINZ INFINITE THE MUSICAL: Malaysia Roadshow Tour (Ipoh & Kepong)

The cast of Skins Infinite the Musical-Sarah May Low, Eason Tang & Linora Low

Penny Low!!! The brains behind mini-musical

Fruit Fest

At Tapah Rest stop

Old school kopitiam with ALOT of american breakfast & toast selection...

Super "Kau" Ipoh white coffee!!! Nice!!!

Ipoh Chee Cheong Fun (has mushroom sauce instead of our usual sweet sauce)...dun really like...:-P

Jam jam jam....

The Diva/Eason koh!!!

Red nails!

My shy shy face...LOL

Being a B***h

Camwhore time!


Me & Linora Low (long lost sister) :-P

Eason Tang Mun Wai/ Diva Extraordinaire

Her Idol....:-P

I more pretty right???!!! Charmaine Sheh...your time is over...make way for Sarah Low!!!

Signature Pose 1

Signature Pose 2

The performers

Promote promote~~~

Ate here...

It's competitors~~~

Yummy!!! we want food in our tummy!

Some strange fruit I bought at the Tapah Rest stop...ABIU

Apparently it's a kind of brazillian fruit (Linora did her research :-P)...DAMN SEDAP!

At Jusco, Metro Prima,Kepong

Waiting to go on stage



Charmaine Sheh Forever!!!! ^.^ said...

Go die la u ........sarah doesnt means princess....yiuu hav no brains isit????? and how can u scold charmaine sheh like tat??????? she is more beautiful than yiuu......i mean she is 10000000times more beautiful than yiuu....thought u are pretty? everyone in my class oso say u are ugly like shit!!!!!!!!!!u want to be a superstar???????? what la.......1000000000000 centuries later yiuu oso cannot be..........IDIOT!!!!!! yiuu are angry.....SCOLD MII LA.... Im SOOOO SCARED!!!!!! :p

Charmaine Sheh Forever!!!! ^.^ said...

super duper IDIOT! u dun hav mirror issit..let me pity u n present u 1! shame of us to hav u in malaysia!
from : Anti Sarah May

Unknown said...

hahah..u know what..i was laughing at ur entry..How come u said that u're pretty than AH Sheh?? I think u're jealous at her cause Ah Sheh is a 10000 time challenge and beautiful than you..

Anonymous said...

skinz uv white sesuai dengan umur berapa

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