Sunday, June 6, 2010

MACAU TRIP MAY 2010: Performance at Pokerstars Gala Night (Asia Pacific Poker Tournament)

Ladies & Gentlemen, I would like to introduce to you my 5 days of Luxury in Macau XD!!!!
Thank you GOD (and Robin :-P) for being sooo good to me...I truly believe in GOOD KARMA :-)

My ultra comfortable bed for 4 nights...

The bathroom...notice the TV on the mirror!!!

Jacuzzi, Shower & Steam bath!!!


The study!!!

The rest area :-)

Ms. LOW, Sarah, Welcome to the Grand Lisboa...oh my gosh!!! I can seriously get use to this :-P

The view from my Room

HERMES toiletries....*faints*

My new sucks btw...dun buy CASIO!!! I was desperate...T_T

The first cafe we visited at the Grand Lisboa

Me & Chantelle :-)

My prime beef burger!!! How not to get FAT in 5 days? :-p


Noodle & Congee for a quick dinner

Siew loong pao!!!

Poached dumpling

"Trying" to act cute

Night view of Grand Lisboa

This is the life Babeh!!!

Tahpau-ed dessert

Mochi with black sesame filling


being super healthy :-)

The Casino at Grand Lisboa

Looking like Goldilocks here...cute hor??? :-P

Fine dining at The Kitchen

100 bucks per piece oyster...@_@


700 bucks BEEF!!! Kagoshima beef...@_@

That night, I went to heaven, saw Jesus and came back to earth...Thank you GOD!!! lol

Oh my gosh!!! Not to forget!!! I met Michael Jackson too...Michael Jackson hugging me here!!! HYPERVENTILATES!!!

The band! Figure It Out (F.I.O)

My costume for the performance!!! and my baby Chantelle looking like a Mermaid :-)

After party at MGM Grand

Michael in the house! @ Lion's Bar...the hip & happening lounge

The Malaysians :-)

Kick Ass Polo BUN!!!

Peanut Butter & Jelly french toast which looked like cake and was absolutely orgasmic!!!

My Castle!

I love how FAIRYTALE like this place looks :-)
"Romeo romeo, wherefore art thou romeo?"

Super was at square eight

Grand Lisboa at Night :-)

Me & the boys!

The old Lisboa....

Some Qing/Ching Dynasty antiques....correct me if I'm wrong...

Super duper exhausted!!!

Tea pouring kung fu!!! WOOT!!!

Wah liao weh!!!


My sifu Robin's suite's balcony :-)

The supposedly after party that didn't happen


Dom Perignon!!!! nuff said :-)

View from the suite

Obligatory toilet picture!

The band @ Hard Rock hotel


The bubble show!!! at City of Dreams...


Senado square

Now I'm the one pimping them :-P

Gentlemen night???!!!


Sifu ordering food to feed us & a super happy Zahrin!!!

Lok lok!!! curry style!!!

Fountain of youth/love? LOL!!!

Polo Buns that comes in different flavours!!!

Cake shop!

Pork Chop Bun Human!!!! Am I fantasizing???

Macau...the City of Sin of the east...even the statue also they wanna word..M-E-N!!! lol!!!

We are the new super heros!!! St. Paul's ruin at the background btw...

the flower amongst the thorns!

biscuit shopping at Koi Kei pastries

Marble cake!

Visited my grandaunt (Grandma's sister)...the view of her penthouse is the VENETIAN!!!

Italian furniture...

"Lassie come home!!!" :-P

Grand aunt Janet & me :-)

Grand Lisboa's elevator

Jacuzzi while watching GLEE season 2!!! yea babeh!!!


Swimming pool time!

Makeup-less!!! Gosh!!! I'm sooo

Ooooo la la... :-P

Don't wake me up from this dream.....don't wake me up from this dream...

Room service...

Double boiled milk with Bird's nest!

The models & the singer...Kay, me & Marilyn....Kay is Estee Lauder Search 2008 winner btw...super gorgeous philipino girl :-)

The Eight chinese restaurant...

Rock sugar water, nutmeg juice & santan.....what is it for?

To be eaten with this...PURE BIRD NEST!!!! 500 bucks worth of it!!! I died and went to heaven and back again...!!!

Look at my happy orgasmic face!!!

Rice cake in X.O sauce

The polka-dotted luggage bag is mine!!! :-)

Michael Jackson Bus...:-)

My damage....Rm250 worth of cookies...

RM600 worth of beauty product!!!

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