Saturday, July 2, 2011

NEW ZEALAND WORKING HOLIDAY 2011: The Museum of Transport and Technology (MOTAT) Auckland

MOTAT...pronounced as MO-TAD not MO-TART...I'm soo damn chinese :-P

I'm already here for 1 month!!!! :-D How do I feel? In some ways GREAT.....actually in MOST WAYS, AWESOME....It just feel sucky to miss all the big events and MHB's anniversary back home and also my girlfriends T__T

Oh wells, you can't have everything...sacrifices must be made for bigger things to come :-D

I don't really get the feeling of having "Culture Shock" and I'm getting used to the cold weather already...In fact, I speak Mandarin & Cantonese even more over here than back in Malaysia coz everywhere you look are Asians asians and more asians...

And the supermarkets here is AWESOME!!! you can practically find ready-made EVERYTHING!!! and it's cheaper than buying fresh ingredients and putting so much effort and making it yourself (eventhough, your cooking 'skill' will definitely "level up") but why make life so difficult? :-p

Now I really understand how my older bro, Chris got sooo fat in his US trip within a 5 weeks period and I understand what my high school bestie meant when she said shopping for baking products in M'sia is such a turn can find EVERYTHING HERE!!! All kinds of cream, cheese, biscuit, etc.....

Alright, should stop talking about food and move on to my blogpost on MOTAT :-D

Admission price...

Seagull!!! Still very fascinated with it :-D

This pump engine is an "original" pump engine which is super old...
lining up for a simulation ride...I just love this lil girl's ginger red-hair :-)...I think having caucasian kids is sometimes even more fun! you won't be able to predict their eye color and hair color until they are born :-)

A bach is a holiday home for kiwis...usually located near beaches or ski-mountains...but baches nowadays are not as tiny as the above picture...HUGE BUNGALOWS in fact...O__O

Bread car

An example of a kiwi school in the ol'days

A famous ice-cream brand in New Zealand


Isn't this familiar??? the type cobblers use in M'sia :-D


Bed of roses :-D

Was squinting like crazy cos the sun here is super bright!!! not to forget piercing too!...that's why there are many skin cancer clinic here unfortunately :-(

Went to wait for the tram to go to MOTAT 2 where there's a museum on Air transportation :-)

The tram and to go to the end to change track

choo choo...oopss...trams dun sound like that :-P

We even get a tram ticket!

Unfortunately, MOTAT 2 was closed for renovation until Sept...stupid tram attendant didn't tell us until we actually arrived there =__=" probably MOTAT will be trying to capture the rugby world cup crowd in Sept/Oct...

Can't wait to save up money for the "Real" adventure after the Rugby World Cup...Bungy jumping, sky diving, snow skiing here I come!!! :-D

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