Thursday, November 18, 2010

TAIWAN TRAVEL 2010: Taipei 101, Taiwan Storyland 台湾故事館, Sun-Yat Sen Memorial Hall 國父紀念館 & Eslite 24 Hour Bookshop 誠品24小時書店


View from the 22nd Floor of my hostel

Taipei City :-)

Stayed at this hostel the 1st night and also one of the weekends when I was in Taiwan...

It was located above this shopping plaza :-)'s like Malaysia's touch & go but it has even more uses (can be used in 7 eleven, mrt, buses, train and entrance to certain parks/sight seeing places)

Waiting for Train :-P

Took the MRT to Taipei City Hall station and hopped on the Free shuttle bus to Taipei 101 XD

From Afar...



We're here...

Didn't go up :-( coz they were TOO many people/tourist, it's expensive and it's kinda weird going alone (like damn syiok sendiri) :-P

Taipei 101's mascot

The Taipei 101 shopping mall is JUST LIKE KLCC!!!

Taipei City Hall...

The infamous New York New York shopping mall which has closed down :-S

Shin Kong Mitsukoshi is a shopping chain in Taiwan...

The kid painted one of the pictures u see there @__@


Taiwan storyland is located next to the hostel where I was staying at and this place is one of the "recommended" place in the tourist guide :-D

Taiwan Storyland's mascot

The ticket...the normal adult price for the ticket is NT$250=RM25 but I bought the "premium" ticket at NT$280=RM28 and they would give you NT$150=RM15 worth of coupon to be exchanged with gifts/souvenirs :-)


Look Ma!!! No Legsss XD



Apparently there are Sun Yat-Sen memorials around the world!!! even in Japan & Penang, Malaysia :-D

They were having some kind of event the Saturday I was there...dunno how to read @___@


Visited Eslite Bookstore which is the largest chain of bookstore in Taiwan...I really wanted to come here after watching the Documentary of this Bookstore on Discovery Channel...Got Documentary somemore!!! Dun play play!!!

They also sell clothes there...look how interactive it is!!! fuu yoh got touch screen paper doll dress up game XD!!! (makes jakun sound)

Spotted this on the way back to the MRT...what so special leh???

THIS!!! The infamous PUKII & his gf Lulu :-P

I've heard of the theme song for this bank like 3-4 years back...

"Pukii, pukii, pukii KAWAII!!!"

"Pukii, pukii, pukii zui ai ni!!!"

DAMN CUTE!!!!!!! *eventhough it's abit vulgar :-P*

SUPER CUTE PUKII Merchandises!!!

PINK ATM Machine!!! FTW!!!

Check out their other super duper cute commercials!!! ^___^

DAMN CUTE!!! Can Tap Dance somemore!!! XD and the last one showcased his whole family which consists of pukii, pukiimei, pukiipa n PUKII MA!!!! :-P

Note: puki crudely means vagina in Malay, Bahasa Indonesia and Tagalog. =X

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