Thursday, May 10, 2018

TAROT CARDS: 2018 is year of the High Priestess

I’ve been keeping this blog post in draft for a while and keeping very quiet with whatever is happening in Malaysia due to a “controversy” that I was involved several months ago involving some “gomen” cronies.

But the happiest moment of my life is knowing that Malaysia might finally have its first woman Deputy Prime Minister - Dr. Wan Azizah making us far more advanced than America!

My Tarot teacher/Sifu has already predicted that this would be the year of the “High Priestess.”

High Priestess signifies a woman. She usually represents a “girlfriend” and your closest advisor. This card advises you to have a balance of the body (heart), mind (brain) and soul (intuition). Other symbolization includes secrets that she is keeping, choices that she’s making in life, while the moon at her feet signals mystery and the unknown and the colorful backdrop behind her shows her “colorful” past and the multitude of life experiences which has made her wise. Lastly, a scroll of her lap makes her the most sensible person you would know. In summary - the High Priestess is a person who is highly intuitive and knows without knowing.

Victory Beach Sihanoukville, Cambodia

Believe it or not, the High Priestess is my birth card!!!!! Most people with this birth card becomes healers & counselor (like me) and have an extremely accurate hunch and intuition.

The past few weeks I kept silent. I had even REJECTED a request for an election tarot reading by a “gomen” crony due to my firm stance of staying out of politics. However, in general, I would like to share with you all what (else) to expect in 2018.

1. It’s the year of the WOMEN. Any company lead by women will do well, any political seat that has a women candidate will be at an advantage. I already knew that it was the year of the High Priestess even before the Govt announce that it was “Women Empowerment” year (Tahun Memperkasa Wanita), that was why I started my little project - The Golden Phoenix Society

2. It will be the year when everything “Comes Out” - you know, that feeling when you have kept it all inside for way too long and you lose it and BOOM! - All secrets will be revealed. Mother Nature (which is also represented by the High Priestess card) will retaliate (example: Volcano eruption in Hawaii).

My conversation with my mum two days ago

For the election, I knew that women candidates would fare well, but when Pakatan Rakyat won, I was in (a joyous kind of) shock! PH became the victor probably due to the combination of both of the above factors - 1. More women candidates and 2. The citizens of Malaysia just erupted and couldn't take it anymore!

As mentioned above, I refused to pull out cards to speculate on election as I didn’t want to get into trouble (again!), hence, previously my only source of forecast or prediction was from the media.

Anyways, CONGRATULATIONS Malaysia! It may take awhile (10-20 years) but for our future children/generation let us be on par with our neighbors Singapore.


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