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TAROT & ZODIAC - Libra Star Sign Personality # SMLAstrologySeries

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Happy Birthday to ALL the Librans out there. I do have a lot of GOOD friends who are Librans and to be honest, though I do have "beef" with "some" people from EVERY Zodiac but I hardly ever have fall outs with Libras. Libras usually disappear when they are onto their next "object" or "hobby" of interest. One thing that I find annoying though is that L-O-V-E is their KRYPTONITE. They love the idea of "Love" itself and often fail to see that their partner is actually not right for them.

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TAROT & ZODIAC - Capricorn Star Sign Personality # SMLAstrologySeries

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Capricorns are represented by the DEVIL card. Why? Read below.
If you've been following me on my Social Media accounts, you'll know that I've always liked Capricorns and had once decided that I should marry a Capricorn man. On the outside, Capricorn men have the perfect CV - they are usually really good in their careers, provide financially for their children and family, very calm most of the time and "seem" mentally stable enough to be a good wife/mother/husband/father material type.

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TAROT & ZODIAC - Taurus Star Sign Personality # SMLAstrologySeries

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The Zodiac Sign Taurus is represented by The Hierophant Tarot Card. Just like a Taurus, the profile of "The Hierophant" is someone who likes quality & comfort versus crazy dirty messy exciting adventures. They are all about the quality of the material, product, item, friendship, relationship instead of the "quantity" of friends, lovers, items that they own. You will most likely see them travelling in comfort (the more luxurious, the better if they have the choice) and will try their best to avoid adventurous backpacker style kind of travels.

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