Thursday, April 18, 2019

TAROT READER REFLECTION: Murphy's Law - anything that can go wrong will go wrong.

According to "MURPHY’S LAW", Anything that can go wrong will go wrong

I am the type of person who always avoids calamity, drama, stupid situations that is why I like keeping to myself, hiding at home, avoiding humans, etc...But the TRUTH about life is, as much as I like to not get myself into trouble, despite being one of the most popular Tarot Reader in Malaysia (being able to foretell stuff) and regardless of how many PhD degrees I have under my belt. I am NOT immune to disaster. So yesterday, I found myself faced with a #FML situation.

Yesterday, I was at The Phoenix Nest, my boutique healing studio in Puchong Jaya and was feeling happy, positive & good after completing two afternoon readings - an in-person Tarot Reading with a Real Estate client and an Online Tarot Reading via Skype with another client from Sibu, Sarawak. It was 3.10pm and I locked my studio for awhile as I needed to grab something from my car.

I went back to the studio and as I was attempting to open the glass door, my key broke!!!! T___T" I was stunned for 10 minutes as the was the FIRST TIME ever this has happen to me. Prior to that, there was never any indication that the key was bent or wonky. Worst, was that my phone & purse was in the studio...=__="

Every time I'm faced in a difficult situation, I tell myself..."SML, calm down & think". Calmed down and realised that was only 3-ish pm and a Wednesday, so thankfully the maintenance office was still opened. Calmly drove down to the maintenance office (located another block) and asked them to help me call the locksmith. 

Waited at the maintenance office for 1 1/2 hours and did some reading as I had some of my PhD books in my car. Locksmith came, unlocked my studio, removed my broken key from the lock all within 5 minutes. Damaged done = RM180.

Hence, on a side note, I think in my next business venture, I’ll be a locksmith - SML 🔐 Locksmith services 😂😂😂 Unbelievable that the locksmith earns RM180 in 5 minutes and I only earn the same amount in 1 hour! and I have 2 degrees! AHHHHHHHH!!!!

Life REALLY is about perspective. When faced with a difficult situation, you can only react in 2 ways - Let it effect you and NOT let it effect you.

Because I'm a HUGE believer of the Law of Attraction, I chose to be grateful instead of be frustrated. 

  • I was grateful because I had already completed my afternoon readings I wasn't rushing into another client reading. My evening reading was at 7pm.
  • I was grateful because it happened during the day and on a weekday. Because of that, the maintenance office was open and there were people who could help me. 
  • I was grateful because I had 1 1/2 hour of silence away from my electronics (mobile phone, laptop) and I could focus on my PhD readings.

I became a Tarot Reader because (just like ALL of you) I was sick & tired of heartbreaks, bad relationships/friendships, dealing with office politics, getting betrayed by colleagues whom I trusted, etc...Yes, I’ve gained A LOT of popularity & amazing feedback from family, friends & clients over the past few years. 

I’m honoured and grateful to be able to use my gift to help people and for🙏🏻✨ But sometimes, it really surprise me that people tend to think I am GOD. I’m not immortal, I’ll die one day too. Just like you ALL, I will fall sick, my car will break down, I’ll meet stupid people on a weekly/daily basis, I’ll go through painful moments like losing a parent, etc etc. It is ALL PART of being human, everything happens for a reason and there’s a lesson to be learned for ALL experiences !!!

Yes, my Tarot Cards can indeed help guide you & “minimise” your loses + pain. But ONLY if you SELF-REFLECT and are WILLING to change. Even my big shot Tan Sri, Puan Sri, Datuk, Miss Malaysia, Celebrity clients go through bad patches & painful moments in their lives. Just calm down, think about the lesson you've learned and move on from it.

Got a burning question? Wanna a FULL Tarot Reading to gain clarity? Book a reading with me via my online booking page For inquiries, Email me at or PM me on my Facebook page to book a slot.

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