Wednesday, May 1, 2019

TAROT ASTROLOGY PREDICTION : May 2019 #SMLAstrologyPrediction

Been wanting to do this for awhile now! Due to popular demand, here's the prediction for May 2019 according to your Astrology/Zodiac/Star sign.

3 of Cups (reversed) - There's a "love competitor" when it comes to someone you are currently dating. You are also not seeing eye-to-eye with someone at work/business partnership.

3 of Wands (reversed) - You have several choices when it comes to suitors/career or business opportunities but you're not sure who/which one to pick. 

10 of Wands (reversed)  - You are slowly releasing the burden you were feeling previously. 

6 of Pentacles (reversed) - You are being TOO generous. You are not getting the ROI (Return-of-Investment) you deserve. 

9 of Pentacles (upright) - I see financial comfort this month. Be careful as someone around you might be spreading gossip and rumors about you.

Ace of Cups (upright) - WOAH! A good month when it comes to relationship. If you are single (and ready to mingle), there's a potential marriage prospect. Virgos, I know you guys are homebodies but DON'T WASTE THIS OPPORTUNITY!!!

6 of Cups (upright) - Ooooo! Someone that you use to know (childhood/college friend, past lover, exes, etc) will come back into your life either to woo you (again!) or you help you in your career/business.

The Magician (upright) - Just a few days ago, my newly adopted Scorpio god-brother told me that The Magician card is his favorite card but he has never drawn this card. This one is for you, the meaning of this card is that you have all the tools & skills within you already. The infinity sign on the magician's head means that whatever difficulties you are facing, use your skills to "magic" yourself out of that situation. 

King of Swords (reversed) - At this moment, you feel bored when it comes to both your relationship & career. No mental and intellectual challenge. 

King of Pentacles (reversed) - Watch your money & spending. Might make a risky investment this month which will result in monetary loss. Take care.

Temperance (reversed) - What pisses off an Aquarius the most is dealing with stupid people and having their patience tested. Bad news, your patience will be tested this month. Ommmm...

The Empress (upright) - AHHH! A very good month for you to start a creative/artistic pursuit! This card also indicates pregnancy if you're trying to get pregnant. Use birth control or buy a freaking c*nd*m if you're not =__="

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