Monday, July 29, 2019

TAROT READING EVENT: Speed Reading at Knowhere Bangsar - Come for the drinks, stay for the FOOD!

If you've been following my social media pages, you'll know that last month I did a speed reading event at Knowhere Bangsar. It's like speed dating with a better ROI (Return-of-Investment) lol! Because I help guide you towards your BEST LIFE, DREAM CAREER & SOUL MATE! :P

Whereas, you'll most likely never met that girl at the bar again :P lol jokes!
People always ask me why when I read at events, I always dress up so glamorously and that I do not look like a "typical" Tarot Reader with turbans, magic crystal balls, old (lol!). Well baby, I didn't come out to play, I came out to #SLAY

Fyi, apparently the keyhole-shaped entrance is new and just completed a few days before my event, hence, I took the opportunity to pose there :D

Knowhere Bangsar's marketing team constantly organises events and collaborations with budding entrepreneurs, creative entrepreneurs and one of their main focus when they first started the outlet was also to provide a space to support female entrepreneurs like myself (Thank you for the opportunity!)

While I was there, there was also a "Tattoo" booth for customers to check out designs, inquire on services and even get the Tattoo done on the spot as well!

From Top, clockwise - Sharing Platter (RM48.80), Knowhere Nachos (RM26.80), Wild Mushroom Soup (RM12.80), Ulam Pesto (RM23.80) & Fumed Duck (RM30.80)

Sharing Platter (RM48.80) - Fightless wings, chicken liver pate, sauteed mushrroms, crispy baby shrimps and garlic bread. Recommended!

Knowhere Nachos (RM26.80) - Crispy dried corn tortilla, knowhere sauce, jalapeno, monterey jack cheese, pulled roast chicken & guacamole.

Wild Mushroom Soup (RM12.80) - Thai-inspired, smooth and creamy tom kha with coconut & wild mushrooms.

Ulam Pesto (RM23.80) - Spaghetti in ulam and kaffir lime pesto.

Fumed Duck (RM30.80) - House-smoked duck served with plum and peach salsa, mango sauce and onion marmalade. Recommended!

Though Knowhere Bangsar constantly "hypes" up their promotion for their drinks, beers, wines and hard liquors but truthfully, I'm there for their food!!! Owner Raj told me that their kitchen was what they heavily invested in and I can see it in the quality of their food. I'm a big fan of liver pate and was upset when La Bodega Bangsar closed down but now I'm happy to get it at Knowhere :D I'm also a very big smoked duck lover and always on a hunt for it as not many restaurants served Smoked Duck but I loved the version here. Can't wait to try out the other food items during my next visit there on the 6th of August. See you all! ;)

Knowhere Bangsar
50, Jalan Maarof, Bangsar,
59100 Kuala Lumpur,
+6 0102202358

The outlet is open DAILY : 4 pm-1 am

Got a burning question? Want a FULL Tarot Reading to gain clarity? Book a reading with me via my online booking page For inquiries, Email me at or PM me on my Facebook page to book a slot.

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