Thursday, November 7, 2019

BEAUTY TREATMENT : Under Eye Filler Treatment at MyClinic, Melawati branch

Legend has it that with just one look 👀👁👁, I can make a man fall in love with me in -0.5 seconds or (if I’m angry) turn them into stone like #medusa 🐍
Full video of my treatment here :

⚡🌩🌪 Sara(h), Sara(h), storms are brewin’ in your eyes 🎵🎶 #starship #beautyshot 🛸

Though my lover(s) have told me that my most beautiful features are my eyes, I’m extremely guilty of not taking good care of them. You see, I’m a night owl 🦉As a PhD student, I’ve got crazy amount of research to be done and I study (and think) best at night. But years of burning the midnight 🕛 oil has created lots of fine lines, dark eye circles and also sunken under my eyes. Been with @my__clinic for 5 years already and they’ve always GOT me covered with ALL the BEST treatments & procedures! This time, I was recommended #juvederm fillers to be injected under my eyes. 

I still have a bit of Juvederm left at the clinic and would be scheduling another touch up soon so that I would look fresh and well-rested for my upcoming Christmas and New Year parties :)

Check out MyClinic's website. They have 5 branches in Damansara Uptown, Melawati, Cheras, Puchong and Johore Bahru. Call their super friendly consultants who is always cheerful and ever-ready in answering ALL your queries :)

Personal story: Dr.Hoe (the owner & founder) is someone who I have looked up to for YEARS! He's really a true #hustler who has tirelessly grew his business, trained his staff (their customer service is tip top) and even did his own marketing (now he has a strong team) from the start. Apart from his grit, Dr.Hoe is someone who is very Ethical, which I find is an important value. As a business, of course, one would need to profit but he will never recommend a treatment OR procedure just because he wants to push a sale. For example, I've always been insecure about my nose though I've already been blessed with a high and sharp nose, Dr.Hoe would say "No need la, your nose high and sharp already what!"

Sometimes, as a woman especially, we get insecure and we want to enhance certain features and fix certain things about ourselves. Which is COMPLETELY fine. However, there's always a fine fine line between doing necessary enhancements and hoping that changing a feature will make us more confident or beautiful when deep down we actually need to learn to love ourselves.

Last week, a girlfriend told me that she wanted to get procedures done because a medical condition 2 years ago negatively altered her physical shape/a body part. In this scenario, I TOTALLY encouraged her to get procedures done but at the same time, told her to go to REPUTABLE clinics like MyClinic and to read reviews to educate herself first. 

I find it CRAZY that women are actually going to beauty saloons to do treatments with unqualified beauticians. Please please please, always do your research and be safe!

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