Sarah May Low is currently pursuing a PhD in Human Communications after spending 10 years working in the media & advertising industry with clients from all over South East Asia. Sarah currently runs Sarah May Low Tarot Academy and also double hats as the partner in a boutique events & media agency - Dragon Phoenix Events & Media. Sarah previously headed a Social Media startup in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and was formerly the Head of Sales for Malaysia's No.1 Tech Website - Lowyat.net. Apart from being Malaysia's no.1 Tarot Reader, Sarah is also a chakra healer, shoe designer, a professional singer, dancer, stage actress, emcee, and was formerly Miss Malaysia Earth Energetic 2013. Sarah holds a Bachelors degree in Mass Communication (majoring in Journalism & Public Relations) and also a Masters degree in Performing Arts (Dance). In her free time (when she is not busy saving the world), she plays the Ukulele.

Sarah first studied astrology with one of New Zealand's top Astrologer while she was living in Auckland in 2011. After doing much research on other forms of divination and healing such as Chinese feng shui, Taoism oracle, palmistry, tea leave reading, angel cards reading, meditation, yoga, and many other forms of healing arts, she finally found her true calling in Tarot.

Sarah aims to use her intuition and her academic background in Media, Human Communication, Gender, Sociology and Psychology to offer guidance for her querent to seek clarity and awakening in finding their life's purpose.

Sarah can be contacted via email at lowsarahmay@gmail.com or by PM on her Facebook page (www.facebook.com/sarahmaylow)

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